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This does not have to be your story.
We can help you change the ending.

Domestic Abuse Fractures Lives

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Support Services for Men who need help to change their abusive behaviour


Kent Community Domestic Abuse Programme (CDAP)

CDAP is a rolling programme of evening sessions designed to help men who feel their behaviour towards their partner has been, or is still, abusive.  CDAP challenges that behaviour and shows men how it affects their partner or ex-partner and any children that may be involved.

This programme will support men to make the changes they need to develop respectful, non-abusive relationships so that they are safe around their partner and children.  If you feel this is for you, read on .....

There are nine modules in the programme, each module has three sessions. Throughout the programme you will look at the various qualities and behaviours needed in a healthy, equal relationship. The modules cover:

- Non violence

- Non threatening behaviour

- Respect

- Support and Trust

- Accountability and Honesty

- Sexual Respect

- Partnership

- Responsible parenting

- Negotiation and Fairness

The programme lasts for 27 weeks and if you are accepted on to the programme you will be expected to attend all sessions which are held weekly and last 2.1/2 hours.

The programme is free.

Contact details

Currently this service is being reviewed in Kent.    Contact details will be provided when possible.

Programme criteria

In order to be eligible for the programme, you must

- Acknowledge your abusive behaviour

- Accept your behaviour is a problem

- Accept responsibility for ending abusive behaviour toward your (ex) partner

- Agree to the conditions of attendance


CDAP supports the safety of women and children involved by offering associated services to them alongside your programme. One condition of your attendance is therefore that you provide contact details of your partner or ex-partner. Your partner/ex-partner will have the choice to be kept up to date on the progress of the programme via our Womenís Safety Worker who will contact them at regular intervals to help maintain a balance in the support you are receiving.

Men attending the programme will be expected to respect their partner or ex-partnerís need to participate.