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Domestic Abuse Fractures Lives

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Kent Domestic Abuse Consortium (KDAC) was formed in 2012 and comprises of four independent specialist domestic abuse service providers currently working and based in Kent.   The organisations are Choices, Oasis Domestic Abuse Service, Rising Sun Domestic Violence and Abuse Service, and Swale Action to End Domestic Violence.


We have collectively many years of providing services for adult and child survivors of domestic abuse through refuge provision, community outreach, Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs), working in schools, working with children and young people affected by domestic abuse or at risk of developing a lifestyle where the issue becomes an adult problem for them, and support victims in the criminal justice system and through helplines.


The Consortium was formed to help provide a more comprehensive county-wide service, to increase efficiencies and economies of scale, and to share best practice.    It is our firm belief that specialist domestic abuse services, embedded in the local community, provide the best outcome for victims.


The Consortium is currently providing joint services to fulfil three contracts.   These contracts mean that the Consortium partners will be delivering services together until at least April 2016.


There is a shared commitment among members to develop this relationship further and to explore closer ways of working.   In part this is driven by the need to meet the requirements of the new public sector commissioning models.   It also presents the opportunity to strengthen the working environment and employment opportunities for our staff.   Most importantly of all though it will allow us to develop further the quality and reach of our domestic abuse services now and into the future.


Further information regarding the contracts we are delivering will be put on this website in the near future.    However should you wish any information in the meantime please contact our office on 01322 280686.