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Domestic Abuse Fractures Lives

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Refuge Services


What we offer

We have four properties in the Dartford and Gravesham areas providing rooms for up to 17 women and 35 children at any one time. We provide accoRefuge Photommodation to single women as well as women with children.


Prior to coming into refuge, we go through a referral process with the woman to ensure that we can provide the necessary support the woman and her children may need.   Referrals can be made by the woman herself or by an agency.


When a woman and her child(ren) come into refuge, they will have their own room with shared facilities of kitchen, lounge bathrooms, garden, etc. We provide all necessary bed linen, towels, kitchen cutlery and crockery.


Refuge PhotoThe woman will be assigned a key worker who will work with her to ensure she gets the support and advice she needs to move on. We can provide specialist advice to women in respect of the options available to them. We can arrange advice in respect of legal issues, housing, finance; we can organise access to counselling for the woman and the children. We can listen and support the family in whatever way necessary.


The children will be supported by a Family Support Worker to ensure their needs are met. Play activities are arranged and we work with local schools to ensure children continue their education.


If a woman wants to move to the other end of the country, we can advise on refuge space in Scotland, England and Wales.