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Domestic Abuse Fractures Lives

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Could you be a volunteer for Choices?

Choices are committed to the use of volunteers to support their work.

If you do have some time to spare then please give us a call, even a few hours a week can help others.

Using volunteers gives members of the community the opportunity to be involved in services to men, women and children who have experienced domestic abuse. It also raises awareness about domestic abuse within the locality.

It is our belief that volunteers, with their varied skills, complement the work of the staff and enrich and extend the services offered by the organisation.

The Scope of Volunteering within Choices


The types of activities that volunteers can be involved are:

  • Direct work with men, women and young people/children on issues that are set out in their Support Plan
  • Help with practical issues relating to the upkeep of the Refuge and Hostel accommodation
  • Support Project Workers in their daily work
  • Answering telephones; taking telephone referrals with assistance from another Worker
  • Promotional work with local organisations
  • General administration such as filing, keeping statistics, financial issues etc.

Volunteer Application process

After their first contact with Choices, prospective volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application form giving information about themselves as well as asking the prospective volunteer to name two people who Choices can contact for a reference.


The Interview Process

After receipt of the application form an interview will be carried out with the prospective volunteer.

The interview will be an informal meeting and will use the format of the application form as a basis for the discussion.

Following a successful interview and the receipt of two satisfactory references, you will be asked to take part in a training programme 


The induction and training will cover –

Getting to Know Choices, the staff and the administration process

An Overview and the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse

Civil and Criminal Law as it relates to Domestic Abuse

Housing and Benefits as they relate to Domestic Abuse

Choices Policies and Procedures

For further information or to receive our Volunteer application pack please contact the Volunteer Officer by email: volunteering@choicesdaservice.org.uk.


We currently have the following volunteer positions available (please click on the role title to view the role description):