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This does not have to be your story.
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Domestic Abuse Fractures Lives

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The Survivor's Handbook is an essential guide and has been written and produced by the Women's Aid Federation and can be downloaded here:

Survivior's Handbook


General Information
Women’s Aid Introduction by Nicola Harwin CBE
The Body Shop Introduction by Dame Anita Roddick
What is domestic violence?
Recognising domestic violence
Making a safety plan
I am experiencing domestic violence – what can I do?

Finding help
What can Women’s Aid do for me?
Where can I go? – housing options
What is a refuge and how can I stay in one?
Money issues
How can I help a friend?

Your legal rights
Your legal rights: Introduction
Getting an injunction
The police and the criminal prosecution process

Helping your children
Children and domestic violence
Making arrangements for children after separation

Special circumstances
Women from Black and Ethnic Minority Communities
Immigration issues
Disabled women
Lesbian and bisexual women

Health and well-being
Domestic violence and your physical health
Domestic violence and your mental health
Alcohol and other drugs
Surviving after abuse

You can also access foreign language versions of the Survivor's Handbook from the Women's Aid website as well as an audio version of the Survivor's Handbook