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Domestic Abuse Fractures Lives

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#lovedontfeelbad. Because everyone deserves to be in a healthy relationship. shimAdd News73 to Scrapbook
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Women’s Aid and Avon are launching #lovedontfeelbad 

today to raise awareness of 

coercive control and domestic abuse amongst young women aged 16-24 and their peers


The campaign launch has been timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day to start conversations around what is healthy and unhealthy behaviour in relationships. The site and supporting films, case studies and resources aim to help young women to understand coercive control, recognise unhealthy behaviour in their own and their friends’ relationships, and find help where necessary.

As you will all know, coercive control is now against the law and from December last year, perpetrators can get up to 5 years in prison. The new offence has been created to close a gap in the law around patterns of controlling or coercive behaviour that happen during a relationship and this can be a relationship between intimate partners, former partners who still live together, or family members. This new offence is designed to send a clear message that this form of domestic abuse can be a serious offence, particularly because of the violation of trust coercive control represents. The law will provide better protection to victims experiencing repeated or continuous abuse.


We are asking people to share the films and the link to the website #lovedontfeelbad so that young people can get information and support.   


NEW VIDEO - Consent is everything shimAdd News68 to Scrapbook

New video created by Thames Valley Police as part of a new campaign - 

Consent is Everything

Click on the link to view the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXju34Uwuys

For more information follow #ConsentisEverything and visit the website